Middlemore Time line

The homes were founded in 1872 and continued to emigrate children until 1948

Progress of the Homes Reports & Legislation
  1834 Poor Law Amendment Act setting
up workhouses
    1850 Emigration of Children Act
permitted assisted emigration of
workhouse children
1869 Maria Rye’s first party to Canada
including some workhouse children  
1869 Canada Immigration Act required
medical examination of all poor
1870 Annie McPherson’s first party of
workhouse children to Canada
1872 John Middlemore established The
Emigration Homes for Gutter Children    
May1873 first Middlemore party of 29
children to Ontario, Canada  
1875 Opening of Guthrie Home in London,
Ontario as reception centre
1875 Doyle Report. Workhouse
emigration stopped.
1878 newly built Homes opened in St Luke’s Rd  
  1883 Memorandum resulted in
resumption of emigration by workhouse
1885 Move to the Maritimes. Children settled
in province of new Brunswick
Increasing influence of eugenics theories.
  1888 Canadian  debates in parliament
resulting in cancellation of assisted
passage policy for juvenile immigrants
  1889 a medical certificate now needed for
each child immigrant
1890 Closure of Guthrie Home 1890s increased discussion of Eugenics in
Nova Scotia
1892 Last Middlemore party to Ontario  
1893 All children from mow on emigrated to
the Maritime provinces initially received in
temporary  accommodation.in Halifax & at
Hillfoot Farm
1895 Hillfoot Farm burnt down  
1897. Fairview Receiving Home opens in
1917 -19 No shipments of children because
of WW1
About 63 Ex Middlemore boys died in WW1
Dec1917 Halifax Explosion. Fairview Home
1920 First post war Middlemore party
arrived in Quebec and distributed by train
1922 British Empire Settlement Act
encouraging 8 to 16 year olds
emigration to the colonies
1924. Death of John Middlemore 1924 The Bondfield Report
1925  British and Canadian laws forbid unaccompanied emigration of under 14s
1926 First Middlemore party to Australia in association with Fairbridge .
1926 to1932 small numbers of children taken to the Maritimes, chiefly to
New Brunswick
1927 McGregor Report
1928 Opening of Pier 21 in Halifax
1929 Opening of new Homes at
Selly Oak, Birmingham
1930 Last party of Middlemore girls sent directly to farms and indentured  
1931 Paul Cadbury becomes Chair
of Homes Committee in Birmingham
1932 Last party of Middlemore boys  sent to
be indentured
1932 Canada suspended assisted
1935 First Middlemore party
to Fairbridge Farm School in
British Columbia.
1935 Middlemore agreement with Fairbridge to recruit
from “Special Areas” in northern England,
S Wales and Scotland
1941  Closure of Fairview  
1948 last Middlemoe emigrant to Canada
1949 Closure of the Fairbridge
Farm School in Canada End of association with Fairbridge.
1948 Children Act in Britain,  Local
authorities now responsible for children
needing protection.
Australia ceased accepting immigrant children
1955Selly Oak buildings sold. Became Westhill
1975 Guthrie House burnt down as Fire training exercise